About the Memory Book

Mail and the post are fundamental to the American experience. Popular culture is filled with visual and written allusions to the postal service. Post offices, letter carriers, mailboxes, stamps, letters, and packages…all of these and more are part of our national shared culture. While most Americans easily recognize the uniformed letter carrier, most know little about the majority of postal employees who process and manage their daily mail.

“People and the Post” invites you to change this dynamic by sharing work-related stories with the general public. As a postal worker (current or retired), you are helping the Smithsonian National Postal Museum bring the history of America’s postal workers to life for millions across the U.S. and around the globe. Your stories, and those from the tens of thousands of other postal workers, will combine to showcase the depth and breadth of the history of our postal system, and its contributions to American history.

Terms and Conditions for the Memory Book

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