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Early VMF

Rare photo of an early Post Office Garage. …read more

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First Day on the Job

I came to the post office from working on the Medicare contract for 13.5 the time America was hurting for good paying jobs the housing… …read more

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My Proudest Moment As An LGBTQ Postal Employee

Being a part of the team that organized the Harvey Milk stamp unveiling during LGBTQ Pride Month in June 2014 for the Newark NJ Main Post Office was… …read more

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The Postal Service is a Family Tradition

The Postal Career begin with the suggestion from my Uncle Lawrence Lester, a city carrier, to take the exam. Just a few months later, I was hired as… …read more

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Armed Window Clerk

I was a window clerk in the late 1960's. We kept a loaded gun in the safe and had to qualify at a local gun club each year. My dad was also a clerk.… …read more

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Dream Job

As I was growing up in Colorado, we had curb side delivery. I remember waiting to see the mailman in his jeep delivering my block. When he got to my… …read more

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My years as a postal carrier

Right out of the service to my country as a Navy man, I went and took the postal exam...Since I got out of the service in August of 1969, I had to… …read more

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Mounted Route Inspections circa 1960

I went on route inspections with a carrier I knew well as we came into the service about the same time. I was in a jump seat to his rear left. As we… …read more

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Delivery Problems

In 1979 I was assigned as the acting postmaster of the Seattle Sectional Center from February until August. Of the many day to day activities of a… …read more

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My first day.

After taking the civil service test in the spring of 1973 I was finally offered a PTF Carrier job in May of 74. My first day was not at all what I… …read more

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