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Why I Joined

I decided to go to college at Kearney State Nebraska Teachers College. After my first semester, I was in financial trouble, so I took a civil service… …read more

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I worked from 10:00PM to 6:30AM while working in the office on the holidays. I would receive calls from people at about 3 to 5 in the morning asking… …read more

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My personal postal "dog story"

Every postal carrier has at least one dog story---here is my favorite one. I began my postal career in 1980 as a PTF (Part Time Flexible)… …read more

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Ben Franklin Stamp Clubs

I spent my entire postal career in the Kingman, Az 86401 office. One of my most enjoyable jobs was being involved in the Ben Franklin Stamp Club… …read more

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My Postal Family

While searching my family tree - I found out that my great great father Charles Phelps Briggs was the first Postmaster in Napa, Calif in the late… …read more

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I was a Postal hero, too!

My first career job at USPS was as a Window/Distribution Clerk. As such, I didn't have alot of opportunities to be a hero, like the carriers… …read more

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Mama's take on the Postal Service

"Mama's Post Office Overture" (video) Description: For all you Postmasters out there that are trying to… …read more

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False Alarm!

I am reminded of this one time that I smelled a gas leak in one of my customer’s homes. He was very old, lived alone, and had no family in town. I… …read more

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There was the time, when I was still on probation, that I encountered a situation that could have ended my career. I was doing a neighborhood of 'out… …read more

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Back when I was a PTF, one of my jobs was to distribute letter mail, and flats to the other carriers. On one morning in particular, I was wearing… …read more

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