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Snake Prank

One of the things we had were competitions. You see, when you’re running like that you have one train running going that way and one coming back… …read more

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Second Nature Schemes

You’d be sitting there casing the mail and the scheme examiner would come up and say, ‘case check,’ and you’d step back and he’ll pull the… …read more

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Mail and Machines

I moved on from the clerk craft to the maintenance craft and so I had the chance to work on machines and learn the new machines that came in that… …read more

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Ducks on the Loose

I think my funniest moment was when a truck had just come in and I went back there and flung open the door and about four thousand baby ducks came… …read more

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Sweeping the Mail

The toughest part about the job was learning the language. The Post Office has a unique language. The first night I was on the job they told me to… …read more

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Day One on the Job

As a 22-year old, one year out of college, I took the clerk/carrier exam because the salary and future prospects were better than the job I had in the… …read more

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