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Back when I was a PTF, one of my jobs was to distribute letter mail, and flats to the other carriers. On one morning in particular, I was wearing… …read more

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Proud to Move the Mail

When I started with the Postal Service in 1999, I had no idea what I was getting into. We did everything by hand for 9 months, when they took our LMS… …read more

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I never volunteer but Santa needed my help

Asking someone to volunteer their time during the Christmas Holiday season is probably a difficult task. The words may stream forth with ease as… …read more

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United States Postal Community

When you have someone lose it in the Post Office, every community in the United States can understand because it’s in their community also. It’s… …read more

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Repeating Mistakes

When we went from Post Office to the Postal Reorganization Act, one of the drivers was the people in Congress who said if you want to be your own… …read more

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Learning How Things Work

As a Clerk, one of the things you had to do was to learn how the letter carrier would deliver the mail. Back then it was manually sorted. We would… …read more

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Postal Reorganization Act

Fortunately, the unions would be the cause of the Postal Reorganization Act and be able to get collective bargaining, and the world changed and it… …read more

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Postal Corporation

When the Post Office became the Postal Service, a quasi corporation if you will, the philosophy of management changed so they would get along with you… …read more

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Sending Mail to The Duke

We had Nixie Clerks. There was a time, when John Wayne was alive, that you would send something to “The Duke” Hollywood, California, and it would… …read more

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Scheme Test

I think I took 7, so I knew more than half of the city, had it memorized. You had to take every test at least once every three years, you had to stay… …read more

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