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Turn the Negative into Positive

When I came to work for the Post Office, it was really hard work and you worked many, many hours and stayed there very late and got very little sleep,… …read more

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Quality Service

When we first came onto the workroom floor they sat us down and my tour administrator told us about how we had to be the best at what we did because… …read more

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Special Postal Clerk

I do passports, claims, information; my title is a Special Postal Clerk. I love it, I love helping people. I’m the primary passport guy. I used… …read more

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Union Career

I never planned to stay and as a PTF, the president and another steward asked me to be a union steward and I didn’t know what that was about and I… …read more

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How the Times have Changed

When I started it was so totally different. They had the LSM machines. They were binary machines and you had to key two keys at one time. I had a… …read more

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Play by the Rules

Well, since then, times have changed. Things then aren’t what they are today. My attitude is changing but I’m just trying to get to retirement. … …read more

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A Lifetime of Memories

Many years ago, a retired Postal Carrier living next door to me mentioned that I should think about going to work for the Postal Service. He said,… …read more

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