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Know Your Rights

When I joined, the first thing I did (I always read everything so I know my rights), so I had read my rights and everything and, I was still on my 90… …read more

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What I've Learned from Working at the Post Office

I tell people all of the time, when you go into the Post Office, learn what your contract says, learn the rules because if you don’t know the rules,… …read more

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Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

We had a guy in my area, and he didn’t quite like union people. He wasn’t in the union, he just didn’t like union people, and so he didn’t… …read more

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Friendly Advice

I really joined to make a difference, but I ran into folks that were in charge. Since I don’t bow down, people on the outside, when I go someplace,… …read more

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Temporary Workers

Our Holiday season really starts in September. It starts early and just gets really bad in the later months. That’s why the Postal Service hires… …read more

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Working the Truck Terminal

When I first started, I started at 21, and back then you started as a sub and I worked the truck terminal, any place they wanted to send me and my… …read more

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We went on strike in 1970, and I think the strike may have lasted a week, and that was the first and only strike we ever had. That was the first time… …read more

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Don't Complain

I just look at those people that come in and complain and say you all haven’t seen anything. You all have it a lot easier than when we first… …read more

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Second Nature Schemes

You’d be sitting there casing the mail and the scheme examiner would come up and say, ‘case check,’ and you’d step back and he’ll pull the… …read more

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Mail and Machines

I moved on from the clerk craft to the maintenance craft and so I had the chance to work on machines and learn the new machines that came in that… …read more

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