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One and the Same

Most post offices were the same. It was the size of the office that generated the differences. For the most part you could walk into 20,000… …read more

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Mechanization Changed Things

Early on everyone got along because everyone was doing the same thing. As mechanization moved in and automation moved in, you would let people into… …read more

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Struggles Have Come and Gone

I went in, in the early 60’s. As a part time flexible you weren’t guaranteed anything. It’d be like casual employment or part time employment.… …read more

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Before the Days of Automation

Before the days of automation, the clerks were way more highly skilled. They had a lot of schemes, they took a lot of pride in knowing their schemes,… …read more

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Throwing the Mail

A funny thing happened one time. In Houston there was a new hire. This man came in and he was just sitting there just throwing mail fast. His… …read more

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Know Your Rights

When I joined, the first thing I did (I always read everything so I know my rights), so I had read my rights and everything and, I was still on my 90… …read more

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November 22, 1963- The Day of the JFK Assasination

I was appointed to the position of Postal clerk on October 15, 1962. I use the word appointed because that was the term used when you got a job at… …read more

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What I've Learned from Working at the Post Office

I tell people all of the time, when you go into the Post Office, learn what your contract says, learn the rules because if you don’t know the rules,… …read more

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I was working for a Government office and I was in management. I was in charge of the whole state of Kansas and Missouri, for the school system in… …read more

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Helping Others

When I won my first grievance and we got them back pay and everything. You see that you really help somebody. …read more

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