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First Day on the Job

I came to the post office from working on the Medicare contract for 13.5 the time America was hurting for good paying jobs the housing… …read more

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My first day.

After taking the civil service test in the spring of 1973 I was finally offered a PTF Carrier job in May of 74. My first day was not at all what I… …read more

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Proud to Move the Mail

When I started with the Postal Service in 1999, I had no idea what I was getting into. We did everything by hand for 9 months, when they took our LMS… …read more

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Learning How Things Work

As a Clerk, one of the things you had to do was to learn how the letter carrier would deliver the mail. Back then it was manually sorted. We would… …read more

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Box Cars

My first day on the job/ my first month on the job was spent in the box cars pulling sacks. …read more

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When I went to this orientation, I was amazed about the procedures they went through. They briefed us on all of the benefits and stuff, and then this… …read more

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Respect for the Postal Carriers

My first day on the Postal job was just very exciting, very scary also. I had heard so many stories about people working at the Postal Service. I… …read more

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Passing the Test

I had showed up thinking that I was going to be a regular, and they had just started the PTF category (Part Time Flexes), so, I was young and I liked… …read more

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Follow the Rules

I actually came into the Post Office as a hot-headed young man at the age of 19, and I just didn’t understand the rules and regulations. So, I… …read more

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When Can I Sign Up?

I hired into the Post Office in October of 1972. I was a postal assistant. I had a friend of mine who worked for approximately a year. During that… …read more

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