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Early VMF

Rare photo of an early Post Office Garage. …read more

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The Best Concept of the Postal Service

We wanted to be the best, in other words we would actually have contests among us as to who could stick the most mail the fastest. It was the prime… …read more

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Regular RPO

A regular employee had a regular job. Every time you went out, you either worked the rack, or a paper case, a register, local mail, they had a… …read more

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The Postal Service Can't Fly

Back in the early 80’s, the Postal Service was going to buy their own fleet of planes but Congress stepped in and stopped them. Your big airlines… …read more

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A Cold Drive

I was working registered mail and they had valuables that they had to send over from Norwich, Ohio, which was about 35 miles away. That was in… …read more

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A Dormitory with History

I wound up on a regular train from Birmingham to Memphis, and the strange thing about that now is that we were just going to be there 5 or 6 hours. … …read more

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Tending Stations

Tending stations meant that they hang bags on a pole and they had a catcher on the side of the mail car that you would pull down that had a hook on… …read more

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The Hard Part of Working on the Train

I was a part time flexible which was a segment of the RPO/HPO service that was different, and I thought, my own personal opinion, was that it was much… …read more

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Night Train

The finesse of these trains is something else. You take a train that we’d run at night, and at night all you could see is the place you would catch… …read more

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Railway Service

The big thing about the railway mail service was we had the best level of postal service you’ve ever seen. In other words these trains would go… …read more

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