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My Proudest Moment As An LGBTQ Postal Employee

Being a part of the team that organized the Harvey Milk stamp unveiling during LGBTQ Pride Month in June 2014 for the Newark NJ Main Post Office was… …read more

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The day I became a Postmaster

Working many years as a Clerk than a Carrier in the town of Blue Bell,PA and I was notified one day when I finished my route to report to the… …read more

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My Proudest Moment

My rural route consisted of 83 miles and 635 boxes per day in Lancaster, KY. Much of it was very rural areas on one lane roads. I had two places on… …read more

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Sticking Mail

When an old clerk was sticking mail and he was sticking good, he could stick 1,400-1,500 letters an hour continuously, and he had to know hundreds,… …read more

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Helping Others

When I won my first grievance and we got them back pay and everything. You see that you really help somebody. …read more

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Saving the Post Office

The proudest moment was when we were able to announce that the closing for the processing and distribution center in downtown Cincinnati was recently… …read more

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Little Gold Shield

I always loved my job. Most of what I really loved was when you started off you got the little gold shield. It looked almost like the inspector… …read more

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