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Delivery Problems

In 1979 I was assigned as the acting postmaster of the Seattle Sectional Center from February until August. Of the many day to day activities of a… …read more

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False Alarm!

I am reminded of this one time that I smelled a gas leak in one of my customer’s homes. He was very old, lived alone, and had no family in town. I… …read more

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There was the time, when I was still on probation, that I encountered a situation that could have ended my career. I was doing a neighborhood of 'out… …read more

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Back when I was a PTF, one of my jobs was to distribute letter mail, and flats to the other carriers. On one morning in particular, I was wearing… …read more

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Deer Prank

I was at one of these highway Post Offices which took the place of RPO’s. I had this guy that was running on this thing one day, and they were… …read more

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Throwing the Mail

A funny thing happened one time. In Houston there was a new hire. This man came in and he was just sitting there just throwing mail fast. His… …read more

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Future Post Master General

My name is Mary Goldblatt, but on my first day of work my name was Mary Coyne. My first day of work on the job, we were being taken around the whole… …read more

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Always have a Pen

My first day on the job I met a guy named Banks, Mr. Banks. The first he said, ‘you rookies, you always got to have a pen. Remember that, you… …read more

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Dreaming Bells and Whistles

I will tell you, when I first was working on the LSM, I would dream bells and whistles because, when there was a letter jam, these bells would go off… …read more

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Too Much Perfume!

I will tell you that one thing I stopped doing was wearing perfume because you were sitting in such close contact with so many people and you have so… …read more

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