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Dream Job

As I was growing up in Colorado, we had curb side delivery. I remember waiting to see the mailman in his jeep delivering my block. When he got to my… …read more

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My job

Loved my job with postal service. Started as PTF which I loved and ended career as a Postmaster. There were bad days but over all a wonderful job and… …read more

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Summary of My Career

I began my career in March 1965 as a PTF at the Main Post Office Milwaukee WI. I was promoted to be a Methods & Standards Analyst PS-6 in 1971. In… …read more

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Ben Franklin Stamp Clubs

I spent my entire postal career in the Kingman, Az 86401 office. One of my most enjoyable jobs was being involved in the Ben Franklin Stamp Club… …read more

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Mama's take on the Postal Service

"Mama's Post Office Overture" (video) Description: For all you Postmasters out there that are trying to… …read more

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Postal Reorganization Act

Fortunately, the unions would be the cause of the Postal Reorganization Act and be able to get collective bargaining, and the world changed and it… …read more

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Waiting for Work

I came in, in the 70’s where they had finally negotiated a minimum. If they called you in that day, you had a guarantee of a minimum of 2 hours of… …read more

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Struggles Have Come and Gone

I went in, in the early 60’s. As a part time flexible you weren’t guaranteed anything. It’d be like casual employment or part time employment.… …read more

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Before the Days of Automation

Before the days of automation, the clerks were way more highly skilled. They had a lot of schemes, they took a lot of pride in knowing their schemes,… …read more

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The People may have Changed, but I Loved my Job

Higher up, the people that get to the top, they change. I mean your best friend changed overnight because they went higher up and they got into that… …read more

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