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Scheme Test

I think I took 7, so I knew more than half of the city, had it memorized. You had to take every test at least once every three years, you had to stay… …read more

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4 AM Shift

I’ve had them call me in at 4 o’clock in the morning because they needed you bad and then you’d get to the Post Office and they’d say it was… …read more

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November 22, 1963- The Day of the JFK Assasination

I was appointed to the position of Postal clerk on October 15, 1962. I use the word appointed because that was the term used when you got a job at… …read more

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Card Change-Up

Once I was hired, I was still on my 90 probationary period and I still had to pass this machine training within 90 days and I struggled with the… …read more

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Anthrax Scare

My toughest day was October 20, 2001, and that was the day that Brentwood Post Office was closed due to anthrax. I worked on BBCS #17 and I was… …read more

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Toughest Part in the Beginning

I guess, in the beginning, educating myself , I had to learn schemes. Springfield was 100,000 people. We had a basic primary scheme and the city was… …read more

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Streets of Houston

The most difficult thing was there were 15,000 streets in Houston and there is no rhyme or reason, just north, south, east, and west, parallel, and we… …read more

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