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Armed Window Clerk

I was a window clerk in the late 1960's. We kept a loaded gun in the safe and had to qualify at a local gun club each year. My dad was also a clerk.… …read more

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Repeating Mistakes

When we went from Post Office to the Postal Reorganization Act, one of the drivers was the people in Congress who said if you want to be your own… …read more

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Postal Corporation

When the Post Office became the Postal Service, a quasi corporation if you will, the philosophy of management changed so they would get along with you… …read more

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Sending Mail to The Duke

We had Nixie Clerks. There was a time, when John Wayne was alive, that you would send something to “The Duke” Hollywood, California, and it would… …read more

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Goodbye 2-a-Day Delivery

We used to have what we called a two a day service. Where you could mail the mail in the morning and it would get there in the afternoon. You got two… …read more

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Collective Bargaining

I came after Postal Reorganization which was the Postal Service. By then we had collective bargaining, we had work rules, we had standards, and we… …read more

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Nixie Mail

The mail service was a little different in those days. You could mail a letter almost anywhere in the country and it didn’t have to have a proper… …read more

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Rebelling against the Union

I don’t think management has ever accepted the fact that what they see as the Union can’t tell them how to do stuff, and they’ve never accepted… …read more

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Advice for the Post Office

They need to make sure the supervisors are more people oriented. This was one of the things, as a union official, I was trying to relate to them,… …read more

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Mechanization Changed Things

Early on everyone got along because everyone was doing the same thing. As mechanization moved in and automation moved in, you would let people into… …read more

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