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My years as a postal carrier

Right out of the service to my country as a Navy man, I went and took the postal exam...Since I got out of the service in August of 1969, I had to… …read more

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No Flexible in "Part Time Flexible"

PTF was slave labor. There was no Part Time and there was no Flexible to it. We were working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, and no overtime;… …read more

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Carpal Tunnel

People forgot it now, but we’ve still got bunches, probably several thousand people that are crippled now from running those machines that have had… …read more

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I Retired before I Wanted to Retire

My tenure with the Post Office I received various injuries. I ended up having surgery on both of my hands for bilateral carpal tunnel. I have a C5,… …read more

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