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The Postal Service is a Family Tradition

The Postal Career begin with the suggestion from my Uncle Lawrence Lester, a city carrier, to take the exam. Just a few months later, I was hired as… …read more

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My Postal Family

While searching my family tree - I found out that my great great father Charles Phelps Briggs was the first Postmaster in Napa, Calif in the late… …read more

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United States Postal Community

When you have someone lose it in the Post Office, every community in the United States can understand because it’s in their community also. It’s… …read more

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Drifting Apart

The first few years I was working we all did the same thing. We were supposed to have mail handlers and clerks but we all got in the box cars, we all… …read more

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RPO Postal Employees

I found out, through experience, that RPO Postal employees, in my opinion, are much more competent and determined to do a good job than other Postal… …read more

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One and the Same

Most post offices were the same. It was the size of the office that generated the differences. For the most part you could walk into 20,000… …read more

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Postal Worker Family

It was a good salary for any clerk. I was a secretary my whole life and I always felt that I was underpaid as a secretary. Our whole family is… …read more

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It Runs in the Family

My first Postal union meeting my Aunt took me to. She was also a Postal Worker and she told me it was kind of a rough environment at the Post Office.… …read more

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Work was Fun

We had coffee pots and pastries, and we were like a little family. We would organize trips, go to New York to see plays and stuff like that, and we… …read more

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The Post Office was my Second Family

I had just lost my mother and I was young; only 21, and was the mother of two and I had four siblings that needed attendance and I wasn’t the… …read more

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