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I took the test

I was took the test in 1977...At Lee High School....its gone now. I was sooooo nervous.I studied the practice test they sent me for hours and hours.… …read more

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Why I Joined

I decided to go to college at Kearney State Nebraska Teachers College. After my first semester, I was in financial trouble, so I took a civil service… …read more

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I was working for a Government office and I was in management. I was in charge of the whole state of Kansas and Missouri, for the school system in… …read more

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Good Paying Position

I entered the Post Office mostly because it was a good paying position. There was more money if I got into the Postal Service. I became a Shop… …read more

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Equal Jobs for Equal Pay

I knew there were unions. I was all in favor of the unions. My father didn’t work for the Postal Service but he was a Steel mill (in Pittsburgh)… …read more

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Job Security

I was in the military and I’ve always tried to get on before I went into the military because it’s a good job, I figured, for a career. I always… …read more

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They Gave me a Chance

The reason I joined the Postal Service- The thing is, they were the ones who gave me the chance to do my craft because I was laid off for about a year… …read more

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I Thought it Would be Temporary

I joined the Postal Service in 1984 thinking that it would just be temporary. It turned out to be permanent and I’m still there 30 years later. …read more

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Joining on my First Day

I’m a part of the American Postal Workers Union. It’s almost why I joined. I did join the union. I joined the union the same day that I walked… …read more

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I Just Took the Test

I was over with my father and his girlfriend, and his girlfriend’s son and his girlfriend were talking about applying for a job at the post office… …read more

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