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I worked from 10:00PM to 6:30AM while working in the office on the holidays. I would receive calls from people at about 3 to 5 in the morning asking… …read more

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I never volunteer but Santa needed my help

Asking someone to volunteer their time during the Christmas Holiday season is probably a difficult task. The words may stream forth with ease as… …read more

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Stacking up the Christmas Mail

Christmas? When I first hired on we didn’t have enough room. We would unload the box car and we would stack the mail from that car up against the… …read more

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Christmas T-Shirts

The first year I was there, we ended up ordering T-shirts, and on the front it would say "Spend Christmas with your Family," and the back would say… …read more

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Christmas Casuals

At Christmastime, you know, they hire all of the Christmas casuals, and they’re students from the Greensborough area and they give them their… …read more

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Holiday Exhaustion

It was right before Thanksgiving, so when I started, that was when the mail was really picking up for Christmas. So it was just all mail, all day,… …read more

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Holiday Rush

When I first came, I remember Thanksgiving the boss said, "you need to come to work," and I said, "what time," and he said whatever time it was… …read more

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Hectic Holidays

In the beginning, it was the Post Office and nobody else. There was no UPS, there was no FedEx. In the beginning you knew, as a part time flexible… …read more

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