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Holiday Rush

When I first came, I remember Thanksgiving the boss said, "you need to come to work," and I said, "what time," and he said whatever time it was… …read more

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Tricking the New Guy

My first few weeks at the post office I went to work at 3 or 4 o’clock in the afternoon and my supervisor says, ‘go back there and those guys will… …read more

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Tending Stations

Tending stations meant that they hang bags on a pole and they had a catcher on the side of the mail car that you would pull down that had a hook on… …read more

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The Hard Part of Working on the Train

I was a part time flexible which was a segment of the RPO/HPO service that was different, and I thought, my own personal opinion, was that it was much… …read more

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Getting Started with the Railway Post

It was an accident, it really was. When I went into the Postal Service I was a Clerk. So one night I was there, I was a part time flexible. I was… …read more

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Postal Pranks

We used to play jokes on each other by hiding the scheme cards. It was cruel but fortunately it didn’t cost any of us our jobs. …read more

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First Day of December

I’ll never forget my first day on the job. I started on the first day of December. In those days, the Christmas rush was just beginning. I worked… …read more

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Hectic Holidays

In the beginning, it was the Post Office and nobody else. There was no UPS, there was no FedEx. In the beginning you knew, as a part time flexible… …read more

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Streets of Houston

The most difficult thing was there were 15,000 streets in Houston and there is no rhyme or reason, just north, south, east, and west, parallel, and we… …read more

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Why I started

I worked for a grocery company and an employee there was going to take a test for the postal service and I said, ‘I think I’ll just go with… …read more

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