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First Day of December

I’ll never forget my first day on the job. I started on the first day of December. In those days, the Christmas rush was just beginning. I worked… …read more

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Hectic Holidays

In the beginning, it was the Post Office and nobody else. There was no UPS, there was no FedEx. In the beginning you knew, as a part time flexible… …read more

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Streets of Houston

The most difficult thing was there were 15,000 streets in Houston and there is no rhyme or reason, just north, south, east, and west, parallel, and we… …read more

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Why I started

I worked for a grocery company and an employee there was going to take a test for the postal service and I said, ‘I think I’ll just go with… …read more

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Queen Bee

We had bees come through one time. We had a queen bee come through. The bee keepers would ship just the queen. The queen got out and we ended up… …read more

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Night Train

The finesse of these trains is something else. You take a train that we’d run at night, and at night all you could see is the place you would catch… …read more

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Railway Service

The big thing about the railway mail service was we had the best level of postal service you’ve ever seen. In other words these trains would go… …read more

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Snake Prank

One of the things we had were competitions. You see, when you’re running like that you have one train running going that way and one coming back… …read more

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Second Nature Schemes

You’d be sitting there casing the mail and the scheme examiner would come up and say, ‘case check,’ and you’d step back and he’ll pull the… …read more

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Mail and Machines

I moved on from the clerk craft to the maintenance craft and so I had the chance to work on machines and learn the new machines that came in that… …read more

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