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Stacking up the Christmas Mail

Christmas? When I first hired on we didn’t have enough room. We would unload the box car and we would stack the mail from that car up against the… …read more

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Drifting Apart

The first few years I was working we all did the same thing. We were supposed to have mail handlers and clerks but we all got in the box cars, we all… …read more

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Deer Prank

I was at one of these highway Post Offices which took the place of RPO’s. I had this guy that was running on this thing one day, and they were… …read more

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The Best Concept of the Postal Service

We wanted to be the best, in other words we would actually have contests among us as to who could stick the most mail the fastest. It was the prime… …read more

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Regular RPO

A regular employee had a regular job. Every time you went out, you either worked the rack, or a paper case, a register, local mail, they had a… …read more

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RPO Postal Employees

I found out, through experience, that RPO Postal employees, in my opinion, are much more competent and determined to do a good job than other Postal… …read more

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No Flexible in "Part Time Flexible"

PTF was slave labor. There was no Part Time and there was no Flexible to it. We were working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, and no overtime;… …read more

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Waiting for Work

I came in, in the 70’s where they had finally negotiated a minimum. If they called you in that day, you had a guarantee of a minimum of 2 hours of… …read more

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Collective Bargaining

I came after Postal Reorganization which was the Postal Service. By then we had collective bargaining, we had work rules, we had standards, and we… …read more

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Nixie Mail

The mail service was a little different in those days. You could mail a letter almost anywhere in the country and it didn’t have to have a proper… …read more

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