Turn the Negative into Positive

Career Summary

When I came to work for the Post Office, it was really hard work and you worked many, many hours and stayed there very late and got very little sleep, because I had five children at home that I had to take care of. One time I was supposed to go on vacation and my vacation was cancelled. I came, and I started to go in, but I just couldn’t bring myself to go in. I hated the job so much. And then I said I can’t keep working here if I hate this job. So then I decided that I can’t really be happy but I can make other people happy and I’ll interact with other people and see how they are doing and try to encourage them and, I can tell you, within 6 months I enjoyed going to work. It quickly turned me around because I stopped looking at the negative and started looking at the positive, and started talking to people about positive things, not negative things. Not ‘I hate this job, it’s so horrible and they are treating us bad,’ but instead I started talking about the positive things and really, within a very short period of time, I could not believe there was a whole transition. After that, I always enjoyed going to work, and I could have retired long ago since I have 38 years, and I still don’t want to retire.

DATE PUBLISHED: 2012-09-05 10:22:57
AUTHOR NAME: Eleanor Wendlberger
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