Joining on my First Day

Why I Joined

I’m a part of the American Postal Workers Union. It’s almost why I joined. I did join the union. I joined the union the same day that I walked into the United States Postal Service because I was told at orientation that this was a group of people working to help to make sure that the rights are being taken care of in case you have any concerns with management. You have to have someone to pretty much speak for you because they know what happens with the contract and they can let you know the constitutional issues and they can let you know what management can do and what they should and should not do, and I decided, well, I’m walking into this United States Postal Service job, and the people who are doing orientation are explaining to me that we have an advocate which is the Postal Union and this union will help you with whatever issues and concerns you may have, and I’m thinking of why I would have any problems or issues, I just joined, but knowing you had an advocate and knowing that if I did have a problem, I knew there was someone I could go to and talk to. So I joined the American Postal Workers Union the same day that I walked into the Post Office. I signed registrations and everything for the Post Office, and I also signed registrations and everything for the Postal Workers Union.

DATE PUBLISHED: 2012-09-05 11:22:23
AUTHOR NAME: Linda Butler
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