Respect for the Postal Carriers

First Day on the Job

My first day on the Postal job was just very exciting, very scary also. I had heard so many stories about people working at the Postal Service. I have always respected my carriers. I have thought them to be the most blessed people in the world, to be out in the elements, the rain, sleet, and snow, carrying mail with that great, big heavy sack of theirs. I have a very bad back and I have the utmost respect for them and to see them doing this morning and night, to see them walk up and down in all kinds of weather has really been an inspiration to me and I look at the situations with them with the dogs and all other kinds of things that they have to deal with, and just the body wear and tear of that and it has given me such an inspiration. I just love to see the carriers. So to see the Postal carriers and to know what they are dealing with and to be able to have a postal job, it’s very exciting, a very good thing to do. I’ve always heard what a good career it was and so I went to join.

DATE PUBLISHED: 2012-09-05 12:25:25
AUTHOR NAME: Linda Butler
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