My Proudest Moment

Proudest Moment

My rural route consisted of 83 miles and 635 boxes per day in Lancaster, KY. Much of it was very rural areas on one lane roads. I had two places on the route that if water came up I had to detour either 8 or 17 miles. I also had three very steep and treacherous hills that in the wintertime made for extremely difficult driving. The rain and the snow could really make delivering mail quite dangerous. Even so, I knew this was what I liked to do. I looked at it as a challenge to do a great job and to be pleased with my work.
I had a world of wonderful patrons/friends on the route. Their generosity of garden vegetables and homemade treats with their kind notes always made the day better.
So when I decided to retire I had never used a single day of sick leave. This was added on to my retirement to give me 29 years. My proudest moment was when my sister, Toni Hopkins, senior MPOO of Louisville, KY and with 33 years at the post office, presented me with my sick leave certificate and my retirement letter. My brother, Shelby Hopkins, was there with 30 years at the Nicholasville, KY post office and my brother David Hopkins had seven years in Rockholds, KY. We all grew up close to each other and it was a highlight of my life for all of us to be together.

DATE PUBLISHED: 2017-08-25 10:48:42
AUTHOR NAME: Wilma Hopkins
AUTHOR CITY, STATE: Lancaster, Kentucky
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