False Alarm!

Funniest Moment

I am reminded of this one time that I smelled a gas leak in one of my customer’s homes. He was very old, lived alone, and had no family in town. I had not seen him in days ... and this very strong odor wafted out by the front door. I
just knew he was in there unconscious. So I called 911. The fire truck came out, and a VERY large crowd gathered.

The fireman used an ax to break down the front door. When they got inside, they did not find Mr. Fernald ... he was no where to be found. More importantly, there was no longer an odor. When they checked the stove, they found it to be
electric. The fireman then wiggled his finger at me, calling me to the front door. He then pointed at this very large blooming bush growing right next to the door, and asked me to sniff it. OMG!!! It smelled just like the gas I had 'detected' !!! Boy was I embarrassed!

It turned out that Mr. Fernald was away visiting family. I felt so bad, that I arranged for the now open doorway to be sealed, and contacted the landlord, and made arrangements to pay for a new door to be installed.

Silver Farr
Branch 782

DATE PUBLISHED: 2012-12-18 23:08:23
AUTHOR NAME: Silver Farr
AUTHOR CITY, STATE: California City, CA
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