Why I Joined

Why I Joined

I decided to go to college at Kearney State Nebraska Teachers College. After my first semester, I was in financial trouble, so I took a civil service test at Kearney Post Office for railway postal clerk. I passed the test, and was to work at the Omaha Terminal on South 10th Street across the street from Burlington Station.

I was supposed to work mail on the Railroad Post Office cars when the train was in motion but I could not because of a medical problem. So I was to work in the P.O. terminal sorting mail. Shortly after I joined the RPO was terminated, and so we merged with the Omaha Postal Service. The RPA clerks every Christmas would come and work in the terminal and sort countless trays of Christmas cards. They could work 2 or 3 trays of mail faster than the average Postal clerk could work one tray of mail.

DATE PUBLISHED: 2015-11-18 16:08:22
AUTHOR NAME: Roger Anderson
AUTHOR CITY, STATE: Omaha, Nebraska
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